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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  September 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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is starting to peek out. good morning. >> good morning. nice, low humidity t light wind speeds, lots of sunshine. it will be a little on the warm side but a great combination as we wind down the final week of summer. 53 as you head out in allentown. 57. in wilmington. 52 degrees in millville and currently we're at 60 at the atlantic city airport. temperatures not quite at 60 in wildwood. future cast takes us through today. we're going to stay sunny, we're going to continue with the warm conditions and also the dry conditions. yowl notice it's not just us out through the midwest all staying dry. quiet pattern for most of the nation. your bus stop forecast, getting everyone ready for school,
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philadelphia, 65 degrees, lots of sunshine, north of west cooler for our cities to the north and west. then our suburbs closer to 62 degrees. later on, temperatures range between 83 and 87. sunny and nice a little warmer than what we saw yesterday and we will stay this warm at least through tomorrow and the day after. i'm tracking a few changes closer to the weekend. i'll give you a peek of that when i see you again. let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> and we're still watching this multivehicle accident scene between bridge and cottman avenue. it's in the northbound side we have two lanes blocked. so a little flurry now. this is the back sup. the two left lanes blocked. no problem if you're headed soub in the opposite direction.
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we don't have delays there. if you are out in new jersey on 295 northbound around 206, one lane blocked with an accident scene there. moving along great, we have the five-minute drive time northbound 55 up to the walt whitman bridge so no problem on that bridge. le you can take the betsy ross bridge, watch out, $4 for fash and $3 for easy pass passenger. >> thank you. decision 2016, the republican front-runner is turning to american military. jump spoke aboard the battle ship iowa. it's a similar on the delaware. the event billed as a policy speech. >> and debate two from the gop candidates. it's set for tonight. the prime time stage in california will feature 11
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hopefuls this time around including donald trump, chris christie, carly fiorina and ben carson. one wreckastrategist says it's with the momentum. >> with that be said i think that ben carson is the less radioactive version of donald trump. >> most polls show trump and carson well ahead of the nearest competitors right now. vice president joe biden is blasting donald trump's position on immigration. biden is deciding whether to run for president. he thought trump's message was sick. trump is calling for millions to be deport bfrd allowing some to come back. tonight hillary clinton will
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visit "the tonight show" making her first late night talk show appearance since announcing her kandcy. also her first visit since fallon took over. the show comes at 11:35 after nbc news. >> congressman chaka fattah has a hearing. a judge will decide if he can have contact with potential witnesses. the government requested that he be barred from contact as a condition of his release. fattah is accused of miss using grant money and funds, he has denied wrong doing. the congressman is married to nbc 10 renee chenault-fattah. she is referenced in the criminal complaint, labeled as person e and facility of the enterprise. the feds allege she took part to fraudulently sell a car to pay closing costs on a vacation om.
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renee is on leave. >> police investigate a deadly shooting in north philadelphia. they say a man was shot several times last night. so far police have no colludes who did the shooting or a motive. police are also searching for gun men ach two were shot in west philadelphia about a block award. one victim was found, both victims were taken to the hospital listed in stable condition. happening today we'll learn details of an investigation into the philadelphia's licenses and inspections agency. the city has been looking into practices since the deadly center city building plaps in 2013. six died that day during the botched demolition. the city controller will release his latest findings and announce
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an action plan over concerns about public safety. >> as we prepare for the pope we learned that the pope plans to give almost all of his speeches in his native language, oonl four in english. one in philadelphia. the rest in spanish so he speaks multiple changes. the 78-year-old finds it easier to express himself. jumbotrons will capture the speeches in english and the families app will have captions, several languages for the papal mass on the parkway. >> clues using cranes worked to set up againsting an a stand for the pope show. the stage and where the pope will speak at independence hall. after speaking mostly in spanish.
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>> wow, i'm catholic and will understand. >> i think people wum come. it's a interesting he is only speaking in spanish. >> a am professor tells us he worries that some of the pope peaches in spanish won't be as impactful. we'll also have a run down of all of the road closures and trars portation changes. >> a school gets a major upgrade, one that won't just benefit the students but the community. matt delucia is live with this -- how historic sky rise has turned into a beacon of life. good morning. >> yes, about that time the kids are pack in school. some of the kids what they plan to do. they want to go to college. folks here at the leap academy
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charter stool at the corner, they have a ribbon cutting. the administration had a better way to learn. it's science, technology, arts and math. being one of the poorest areas many think the kids do not have the hes hunts. >> you look forward to coming to the center so acdem nicks. now it seem there is's art involved. >> it's giving more of an opportunity to do. >> back out here live that is the 350 students going all from around this area where the intention of graduating. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news."
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good morning. temperatures today expected to push into the 80s once again. 87 degrees will be the high, 64 in philadelphia, 58 in kenneth square. low 50s in chester. 57. pottstown. 49 and coatesville 62. in the 40s in the poconos. need a jacket if you are heading off to work. a little on the early side. 64 in mount holly and 60 degrees in dover. lots of sunshine, no rain, barely any clouds are showing up. that's going to be the same exact trend as we head into tomorrow and the day after. even the day after. so your city planner shows cloudiness, lots of sunshine today. 11:00 a.m. 78 degrees, 2:00, the high at
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87. that's true for northeast philly, cooler but still in the 80s for pottstown and 79 in the poconos. >> commuters dealing with the hike, also there is an accident on 295. >> let's get details with jessica boying on the. where is it? >> this is in borden down township. on the northbound side. right around 2:06. you can see in either direction we don't have read. if you are heading out in barnegat township. route nine closed with an earlier accident. now police activity. if you follow the detours you'll do fine. we're watching out if for this
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multivehicle accident. so you can see the police activity but we have two left lanes lost. but not affecting the sob side. heading into the center city area. with the tacony palmyra in the process of opening starting to close so what we're dealing with is dliing take the betsy ross. >> a police officer gets an unexpected surprise. >> i was blown away by this and i said you guys are the reason why i do what i do. thank you. >> we'll tell you how two children nearly brought this police officer to tears. >> there is a new button coming.
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nearly 75 philadelphia police officers will be honored during a merit commendation ceremony today. the department says all 74 officers have made outstanding arrests while performing highly intelligent and valuable acts of service. this is from a previous ceremony. the acts demonstrate special initiative in the performance of their duty. eight new harley-davidson motorcycles are being presented to the department. they replace older cycles currently used by the highway patrol unit and by the way, the same motorcycles will be used to escort pope francis. >> it was a gift of thanks to a law officer. >> this is cool. he decided to pay it forward a. sheriff deputy in florida was walking into a drug store on the anniversary of september 11 when two boys handed him an envelope. inside was a gift card to
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dunkin' donuts and a note thanking him and saying they will keep him in his prayers. it brought a tear so he decided to share his gift. >> i went over to the dunkin' donuts, i got a cup of coffee and said this was given to me by a nice family and i want to continue to pay that forward. i ended up giving a lady a cup of coffee. there is still money left on the card and i'm looking forward to continue doing that. >> all from two boys. the deputy says the boys' act of kindness is something he will never forget. >> you may not be ready for the holidays but ups is looking for workers to help. the company plans to bring on 95,000. ups needs package handlers and drivers, from november through january. ups says seasonal work could become permanent in cases. target is getting into the grocery delivery business.
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the chain is testing the service in minneapolis. target delivers the items to homes in as little as an hour. target says if the test goes well it may expand to other stores across the country. apparently many of you asked for so it now looks like we'll be getting a dislike button on facebook. the company is working on it. facebook only has that like button but that makes it hard for friends to express sim bathy when they need sad news. it's complicated to create. they don't want voting up or down on a post. >> getting information about an accident on route 55. >> some likes out there as well despite the fact there is an accident. >> this is going to be a big dislike. we're on 55 northbound, south of
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the 42 freeway. you can see some red as well. there is an accident, debris on the road now we have the right solder closed. new jersey is having a few problems. watch out for an accident on 295 at 206 on the northbound side of 295. you can see no red in the area. we have one lane blocked. also in new jersey in earlier this morning still there road closed with a downed pole. police activity directing traffic at bay avenue. if you're on 95, so far this morning we have that multivehicle accident. this is a 12 to 13 minute drip. from the vine street up to wood haven road. this accident occurred -- these are at bridge, but between bridge and cottman avenue you're going to see that.
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there is a huge backup behind it. there is police activity. and into r two lanes blocked. there's going to be delays. we'll go over these and check in with this drive time when i come back in the next 10 minutes. good morning. temperatures today expected to reach a high of 87 degrees plus lots of sunshine in store for us. the dry stretch continues which is nice and then cooler temperatures again if these are too warm for you. a live look, philadelphia, we're at 64 degrees. wind out of the west at 6 miles per hour, humidity at 70% across the rest of the region. we're in the 50s in pottstown, 55 in george town and i a few clouds. the rest of the area clear, let's of sunshine.
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49 degrees in the poconos, 56 in reading, 57 in wilmington. our temperature change map shows we're up about 5 degrees in philadelphia. it's a warmer search and warmer toward the afternoon as well. yesterday we were above average but we're going to swing up. our satellite/radar, lots of sunshine, not seeing clouds, you're not even seeing rainfall near our area. so the the closest is all the way down to the carolinas and also to the north of jacksonville. other than that, it's nice and dry which means no weather disturbances on the way. an area of high pressure keeps us dry. we have the clockwise rotation and it's going to continue to push offshore and pull in more humidity as we head into saturday. so for the rest of today, tomorrow and friday, dry conditions, lots of sunshine over the weekend.
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and then as we head into sunday for the eagles game cooler and breezy conditions. for today the temperatures range between 87 -- 83 and 87 and your seven-day forecast. so we'll see temperatures in the 80s as we head into next week. >> a groundbraking ceremony happening today at the devine lorraine, the abandoned hotel many consider an eye sore. it opened in 1894, closed in the late 90s. a developer plans to transform it. city leaders will tour following this afternoon's groundbreaking. need more time for paperwork for hurricane sandy help? there is a new fema deadline. plus this. the big mistake this man made during a baseball game that has him hanging his head in shame. and the crowd booing.
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today kids get their first opportunity to play in a renovated play ground in south philadelphia. a ceremony will open the barry play ground on bigler street at 4:00 this afternoon. one big improvement, resurfaced tennis courts. >> fema extended the deadline for sandy victims to have flood insurance claims reviewed. federal officials are giving victims a chance to have claims given a second look following accusations of widespread underpayments. victims now have additional 30 days to have their claims reviewed. >> jessica boyington with your traffic. you can see cars moving nicely in the background you can see the toll plaza headed toward the ben franklin bridge. 95 northbound there is a delay there. i'm going to show you where when we come back.
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for now a check on today's forecast with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> just look at that picture, that beautiful sun rise there in cape may where we'll see temperatures in the low 80s. as far as the city and the suburbs, we'll see temperatures ranging between 83 and 87 degrees. lots of sunshine for us. a little warmer than what we saw yesterday. and definitely well above our average of 78 degrees. it's really going to feel like the final week of summer, we'll cool things down into fall. all the details in my forecast. >> 1.5 million people are expected to attend mass. what about those who want to attend their regular church services. katy zachry is live with new information. >> reporter: the papal weekend we know is a celebration of faith and religious festivities. coming up why some church leaders in philadelphia are not happy about the plan.
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this morning nbc 10 learned about a papal problem that some noncatholics may have with next weekend's event. we'll tell you what is being done. >> it's 64 degrees. we're off to a chilly start than normal. you need a light jacket if you are out there. by this everyone a you'll be able to shed that jacket and probably throw on a pair of shorts. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's find out more about the warm-up with meteorologist brittney shipp with her first alert forecast. >> hopefully you are lucky enough to wear shorts to work with temperatures in the high 80s, 87 will be the high. lots of sunshine. a dry stretch will continue for us, then i'm tracking cooler
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temperatures as we get toward the weekend. more of this heat and above average conditions you can expect today. we're at 59 degrees in northeast philly, 58 in trenton, low 50s, low 50s in allentown, 49 in mount pocono and 52 degrees in oxford. 53 in woodbine and 60 in dover. our satellite/radar shot shows not a lot going on. lots of sunshine, a little bit of cloudiness moving through and it's like that most of the nation. with this nice to have a break with comfortable conditions. we're at 64 by 8:00, by 11:00, 74, then by 2:00 p.m., temperatures at 84 degrees. our high at 87, the average for this time of year is 78. so we are well above that. we'll stay there heading into tomorrow but i'm tracking cooler weather. another forecast is coming up in about 10 minutes.
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now we check in with jessica boyington. >> we're on 95 now watching thissy accident resulting in terrible drive times. we're increased by almost an hour right now only the northbound side of 95. in between bridge bridge and cottman avenue, the police activity, it's loving a tractor-trailer. we have the two lanes locked so we are dealing with a 69 minute trip. a 10 to 13 minute trip. partly gaper delay and partly rush hour volume. heading on 95 you're going to see delays this morning. give yourself extra time. if p you're in montgomery in springfield watch for an accident and in new jersey most of those cleared up on 55 and 295 but we're watching this on route 9 around bay avenue an accident with a downed pole
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closing that scene. when i come back in the next ten minutes a check in with mass trans transit. >> communications companies offer a look at wireless systems for the pope's visit. a high capacity system is set up along the ben franklin parkway help the crowds stay connected. as philadelphia prepares we have new information on a private meeting between the mayor's office and religious leaders that has both sides breathing a sigh of relief. live in center city with what had church leaders fired up and the resolution to that. >> there was so much concern among some, dozens of them, that the pope's visit would prevent people getting to their places of worship on sunday during the papal mass. i learn eed last night that the
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rally is not happening. someone from the mayor's staff met with pastors yesterday and convinced them the city will do everything it can during the papal weekend to help worshipers get to and from places of worship. one church is mother bethel ame, its pastor tell it is me they are working around the detours. >> 676, it cuts the city off. as a result mother bethel will worship at our weg reg time, in mount airy at the lutheran seminary. >> one of the pastors yesterday was the -- tells me we'll learn in the coming days what the city is going to be doing to reduce those headaches for the parishioners. katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." >> pope francis will stop in cuba pfr he comes to the united states next week.
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workers set up charps and a stage yesterday for the pope's open tear mass. he will visit part of an effort to improve ties between the vatican and cuba after decades of strained relations. now a look at the stages that the pope women use during his visit to philadelphia. this on the ben franklin parkway, the production company handling the visit unveiled these. the hope will agrees saturday afternoon. he will be at the fess ital of families and a mass on sunday. phillies fans will feel the impact at tonight's ball game with the nationals. live to citizens bank park. a bonus there this evening. here it is. fans can pick up this commemorative phillies pope rookie card. it shows pope francis and on the back his stats, his background.
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now is the time to download the nbc 10 ap. we have a run down of all of the clo closures. >> a teen from camden county is facing charges in alleged isis inspired plan against the pope during his visit. investigators say the 15-year-old had a plan to attack the pope but don't think he had the resources to kaert out. the teen reviewed isis material on line and did make contact with people oversees. >> he is here to separate an individual who might be aspirational from one that is operational that has intent and willing ness and ability to do something. >> how do you do that? >> it's good law enforcement. >> authorities may the arrest about a mot ago. >> we expect authorities in new
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castle county to release more information about an arrest in the murder of a temple university law school graduate. the student was shot and killed last month. he graduated from tem people law school. police found his body 18 car. he lived nearby. they also found a substantial amount of marijuana in his far. >> a community is mourning a good samaritan who was killed while saving a woman and her baby. more than 100 people held a vigil in rodney square, they praised thomas cottingham and artist known as cannibal. he stopped is the man from attacking. he and his girlfriend were planning to get waried. >> did what most -- he's not here on earth he is here with
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us. >> police arrested calvin hooker for the attack. investigators say witnesses helped police catch the suspect before he tried to get away on a bus. three women rejected plea deals. three women would have received a prison term of 7-14 years with the attack in you will knee in april. they now face longer sentences if convicted. barnes suffered head injuries and remains in a coma. three teens have pleaded guilty. >> 6:38 and 64 degrees. lawyers for both sides to be in court to argue to dismiss the case against bob menendez. his lawyers filed more than a dozen motions. on monday they asked the judge to push back the october 13 trial date. prosecutors indicated they won't oppose that.
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menendez is accused of accepting gifts and bribes. good morning. today is going to be especially nice again. a beautiful combination of a lot of sunshine plus lower humidity, light wind speeds and warm conditions so 64 degrees to start in philadelphia. our humidity is at 70%. wind out of the west south west at 6, we'll see high pressure staying in control. that's going to help you see these above afternoon temperatures continue through the end of your work week. low 50s in pottstown, 57 in wilmington, 60 in atlantic city and 57 degrees right now in wildwood. our future cast shows us a lot of sunshine, above average. nice and dry so not too humid. then as we head into thursday, more of the same, even if we see
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a little bit of cloudiness. the high, thin clouds. temperatures range between 83 and 87, sunny and nice. warmer than what we saw yesterday. i'll go over the details in my full forecast in just a bit. >> about 20 minutes before 7:00. 6:00 a.m. traffic is ramped up. >> let's find out where the volume is starting to build. >> we're on the schuylkill. no shock we're starting to see a little bit of traffic and jams east or westbound how ever you want to look at it. we have 21 minutes eastbound into the center city area, right here we're looking westbound from the vine expressway to the blue route, 18 minutes. for 95. we're battling that accident scene. the drive time has decreased so that's good news but almost a 15
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minute trip today wood haven road. the southbound side is slow in the normal spots. watch for this accident in springfield, willow grove avenue. when i come back for a last check on traffic in the next 10 minutes we'll go over mass tran sis. >> investigation is under way tip frankfurt section. monique braxton is live at the scene. tell us what you have learned about this. >> reporter: police tell us they were called to this community before 6:00 this morning for attempted sexual assault in the school yard. we'll have details after the break.
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quarter of 7:00 a.m.
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frankford section an alleged sexual assault took place in a school yard. monique braxton is at the scene. >> reporter: police remain on the scene here at the john marshall school in frankfurt. i can tell you that they told us a woman called in to say a man pulled her into the back of the school yard. they also say because blood is splattered about the school yard in moments now this is going to become a crime scene. back to the victim. she tells police she was walking in this community when she was approached by a man, she says she was pistol whippeded, then pulled into the school yard. officers tell us around the corner of this building you're looking at is where the attempted sexual assault took place. i want to remind you that many schools now in philadelphia have surveillance cameras so just above that area, above the right
6:46 am
you see where a surveillance camera is. two officers are at the hospital with the victim and say after she leaves the hospital she is going to be transported to svu. i did place a call to the school district spokesperson to find out what's going to happen for students here because this area will still become a crime scene. we're awaiting a response. live for now in frankford. >> a fire in northern california is the largest most destructive wild fire of the summer. the valley fire has grown to 67,000 acres. fire officials say it's only 15% contained. it's destroyed 600 homes, forced 23,000 people to flee. cooler temperatures and some light rain have helped the more than 2,000 firefighters on the ground. one evacuee is breathing a hunl sky of relief after she returned
6:47 am
to find her home standing. she can barely believe it. she was convinced their house would be lost but she is one of the lucky ones, her house was untouched. >> a vehicle. oh, no. >> flash floods continue to ravage parts of utah. this cell phone video shows one carrying women and children washed away by the flood waters. at least a dozen people from the two vehicles are confirmed dead. one person, just how danger taos situation is. >> the first thing was people in the vehicle wish i could do something but started to realize we were in trouble too. >> in all the the flood waters claimed the lives of 16 people across the state. officials will call in additional resources to continue the search.
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>> president carter has received the second of four doses of a drug to fight cancer that spread to his brain. he says it helps his immune system. and says he hasn't received ill effects frommed during yesterday's announcement he had a time for questions from the migrant crisis to global security. >> to an issue sparking a national debate. >> in washington state authorities investigate a high school football coach for praying after games. this is the coach. he has been leading post game prayers for year. but the school bans praying. he was told he would be fired if he continued but that didn't stop the coach monday night. >> you believe in the football, we believe in this team and competiti competition. it's all about the game. in your name. amen. >> just exercising my right, competition is over and i thank
6:49 am
got for every one of the men. >> he spent 20 years fighting. we'll let you know what if any actions are taken in this case. >> it's the home run in cleveland that spuched off a fireworks home run. a huge mistake in honor of the royals the tv announcer picked up on the blunder. >> gomes with the fast ball down and away. it was a mistake. speaking of mistakes that man up there controlling the fireworks, he just made one and he's getting booed. >> hard to tell if he was more upset about the home run. i think the pitcher got off nice, right. he's happy the dpi took the hit.
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>> we say good morning to matt and savannah. good morning. >> good morning. >> obviously the broadcasters were not expecting the fireworks because they never got the shot uf the fireworks. >> right. >> they neat to put the cap over their heads. >> coming up we'll get you ready for tonight's rumble. the republican debate. live with what donald trump's rivals are preparing. >> a disturbing scene. a player rips the helmet off an opponent and hits im-in the head. could he face criminal charms. >> the first sur riving s sextupl sextuplets. >> music icon will be here. we get started on a wednesday morning here on "today." back to you. >> you know what that means vai will be singing and dancing.
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>> ♪ all night long >> well, i think that we're going to leave it up to lionel to do the singing. >> thank you, matt. >> see you at 7:00. don't listen to matt, vai. i like your singing. i'm 4 i'm not the only one. a like look outside, we're going to see bright sunshine for us. dry stretch on tap as we head into the next couple of days, then cool again so we'll track more fall-like conditions. a live look outside, 64 degrees, a mix of sun and clouds, winds out of the west. low 50s in pottstown with sunshine. it's a chilly start in georgetown at 55. and for philadelphia it's the only place seeing cloudiness.
6:52 am
56 in reading. 60 degrees in dover. our satellite/radar shot shows high thin clouds over the the area, everyone else mainly clear, knots of sunshine into the rest of the day. so we're in a nice dry pattern. most of the country seeing comfortable conditionings. a dry streak is on tap for us. we head into tomorrow same thing, lots of sunshine. high pressure over the area, then it scoots offshore and we'll start to see more of a clockwise rotation when it pulls up moisture from the south that's going to increase our humidity into the weekend. saturday warm but this cold from is our saving grace. breezy conditions, we'll see lots of sunshine. it's almost fall. one week from today.
6:53 am
i know summer feels like it's draging on. it will be once on september 23. we are tracking temperatures. expect 87, 83 in pots down. nay in the 80s, sunday we drop down, 70s by monday. >> check your ride to work. a disabled vehicle. >> tell us more. >> it's on the schuylkill expressway. these are our cameras. approaching city avenue on the westbound side is where you see that. unfortunately still in one of the centered lanes. everyone kind of has to go to either side. we're doing okay with the 19 minutes up the blue route. sheltonham avenue and a disabled
6:54 am
vehicle. when i come back for a last check we're going to check on 95 and look at drive times. i'm monique braxton where police remain on board here guarding a crime scene. told an attempted sexual assault happened. we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can't predict it, but you can be ready.
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another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself. realize your buying power at
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i'm monique braxton outside the john marshall elementary school. you can see that police officers are arriving now with cones and police tape. this is what we know. we were told that just before 6:00 this morning a woman called
6:58 am
police to say that there was an attempted sexual assault here in the school yard, john marshall elementary. she was walking in the community, a man grabbed her, pistol whipped her and grabbed her purse. at the back of the school yard there is a lot of blood. they also want to point out that surveillance cameras captured whatever happened on tape and we've spoken to the spokesperson for philadelphia school district, he says this school is set to open at 8:00 this morning. no decision has been made. but a crime scene remains in the backyard of the school district. john marshall elementary. back to you. i'm katy zachry live in center city. church leaders planning to protest this morning at city hall. upset about traffic detours and road closures that could prevent noncatholic worshipers getting to church during the weekend.
6:59 am
i learned that the protest was called off after several pastors met with the mayor's staff. those pastors were told that the city will do everything in its power to minimize disruption for those worshipers during the weekend. i'm told by pastors who attended we should learn in the coming days what the city will do. katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." jessica boyington with your traffic. still haven't recovered from this zeptd on 95 northbound at bridge. an hour drive time northbound from the vine up to wood haven road and the schuylkill doing okay. watch out for the disabled vehicle between city and route 1. >> i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. temperatures between 83 and 87 degrees. sunshine and nice, a few degrees warmer than yesterday. we head into the rest of the week more of the same. a great week of weather. >> request love it.
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>> we'll have local updates in 25 minutes. good morning. round two. the republican field set to face off in a second debate tonight. donald trump's rivals vowing to hit him hard they are time, but can they say or do anything to stop his momentum? we're live in california. death toll rising. at least 16 people, many of them children, killed in that flash flooding in utah as more rain slows the search for four victims still missing this morning. out of bounds. a high school football player rips the helmet off an opponent and then bashes him in the head with it. incredibly, the refs let the attacker finish the game, but now police are weighing criminal charges. and thumbs down? facebook weighing the introduction of a kind of


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